is a guitar chord-hand device that plays over 20 chords.

The Guitar as a single instrument has so many different avenues and techniques that it can be quite complicated, but it remains to be the most versatile instrument of them all. The Slide Chord is just one of many different techniques for learning and playing the guitar. Anyone who has a desire to learn and play the guitar should use as many different techniques that are available. The Slide Chord main base will always be a path for quickly giving your seven senses instant theory.

From the key of F or the main base chord, multi-chords are generated by simply moving the key pad or your finger configuration, from one fret to another. By simply moving one pad or fingertip from one string to another you can create additional multi-chord combinations and suspension chords.

The latest embodiment of the Slide Chord can be used to learn and play twenty or thirty guitar chords, but again you only need a few chords to play a song. The question is what few? Well, like the F key is the main “base key”, the C, D and G are the main base chord combinations. But don’t get stuck on just the C, D and G. There are many. many songs you cannot play with just the C, D & G so you should know your major. minor and flat chords as well.

If you really want to learn and play, you must learn as many chords as possible. So now that we tapped the base to the single suspension chord and made the C, D and G simple to play, the Slide Chord should be in your guitar accessory kit along with any and every other kind of method that you will pick up along the way, that is, if you are serious about playing the guitar.


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